Android apps: Android could soon show how much battery your wireless headphones have

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Android apps Open Source Project is working on a way for the Google-powered platform to track the battery life of Bluetooth devices, according to a report from XDA Developers.

While iPhone users have been able to track the battery levels of their Bluetooth accessories since iOS 9, Android users don’t have such a uniform way of tracking their peripherals’ power.

At Google I/O last week, the company debuted a few new features for Android Auto

What Google showed off at Google I/O last week is a very early version of the wireless functionality. In fact, the demo crashed quite a few times while they were showing off the functionality. So it’s clear that it’s nowhere near finished. But it’s coming along, and at least we all know that they are working on making it wireless. Besides making it work wirelessly, Google is going to need to find a way to make Android Auto work a bit better on the battery. Many people don’t like plugging their smartphone in every time they use Android Auto, many find it to be a hassle, so while wireless Android Auto is a convenience, it’s not quite feasible right now. But if Google can make it a bit more battery efficient, it’ll be the best of both worlds.

But even if Google is working on this new feature, it’s not a confirmation it will show up in Android’s next big update. It’s also still up to Bluetooth device manufacturers to ensure their products can communicate energy data using Android’s API, meaning Google can only meet halfway towards a solution

It’s great to see that Google is finally working to add bluetooth API’s functionality to Android, as it will be good for everyone. The Pixel family gets a welcome new feature, and Android apps OEMs don’t have to work as hard to implement it. It’s a win- win, but obviously, it’s going to be a bit before we see it live. Android apps ODP4 is pretty much what we’ll be seeing in the final version of Android O, and this feature isn’t available, rather it seems like this one is going to land in Android 8.1 or perhaps 9.0.

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