These Australian birds of prey are deliberately setting forests on fire

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Did you ever think that arsonists were only human beings?, Well a new study conducted in Australia has learnt that a certain species of birds- the black kite (milvus migrants), whistling kite (haliastur sphenurus) and brown faleon (falco berigora) are intentionally setting forests ablaze in Australia.
With already the heat wave in Australia that is reportedly frying bats brains, it is only natural that fires would be imminent. Indeed Australia is already grappling with some wild fires, but little did anyone expect that these “avian arsonists” were partly to blame for these fires. The study found that these birds of prey were helping spread these fires to areas that the flames hadn’t met a scorched.
These birds of prey dive straight into scorching flames, pick up smoldering sticks then fly off to about a kilometer (0.6 miles) away and drop these sticks into dry grass.
The intention was to smoke out rodents and reptiles from their hideouts into a swam of these birds ready to devour them. But as to whether these birds knew exactly what they were doing or they were simply doing it out of instinct, was still unknown.
This study was inspired by the autobiography of a local doctor and actibist, Phillip Waipuldanya Roberts, who wrote,
“I have seen a hawk pick up a smoldering stick in its claws and drop it in a fresh patch of dry grass half a mile away” he wrote, “then wait with its mates for the mad exodus of scorched and frightened rodents and reptiles”
This however isn’t a new finding since the Aboriginal people had already known this phenomenon for probably over 40,000 years.
“The birds aren’t starting fires from scratch, but it is the next big thing”, one of the Geographers Mark Bonta from Renn State Altoona, said.
” Fire is supposedly so uniquely human”.


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