Substituiting beans for beef to help U.S reduce greenhouse emissions

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A research conducted by key researchers from top American Universities has come up with a very interesting concept on how easily and effectively greenhouse emissions could be reduced and still see the country maintain its track to meeting the 2020 greenhouse emissions goal pledged by the Obama administration.
The research team headed by Loma Linda (LLU) University researcher Helen Harwatt, PhD, found out that if people only made a simple dietary change and ate beans instead of beef, the impact in terms of greenhouse emissions would be great.
This would be a lot easier and realistic than a policy change from an administration that has been so negative and pulled itself out of major climate change treaties and talks.
Helen Harwatt who specializes in environmental nutrition, a field focused on developing food systems that balance human health and sustainability, based her research on a feed lot in the Brazilian Amazon.
It was noted that a feed lot of 38,000 cattle needed more than 900 metric tons of soya bean feed to feed on everyday. Moreover apart from this feed being turned into greenhouse emissions as the soya bean turned into meat, the amount of land needed to cultivate this soya bean feed would be so expansive.
This would mean a lot of forest cover being cleared to accommodate this cultivation leading to massive deforestation in the Amazon.

brazilian amazon
But if this was to be compared with humans eating the soya bean directly than through the one that has been converted into beef in the cattle, then the the number of metric tons of soya bean needed would be much lower. This would in turn mean a smaller space needed to cultivate it and less deforestation.
This is the center of the study whose research was based on the Amazon in Brazil, the world’s largest exporter if red meat.
The conclusion was that this tiny dietary change would impact more greatly than if we were to base more on hardly attainable strategies like stopping the entire use of fossil fuels like coal in the energy industry or substitution of petrol in our cars.
This research comes in at a time when the Trump administration is doing all that is within its means to frustrate any kind of climate change deals or implementations. Already The U.S has become the only G 20 country not to honor the Paris Climate accord. Mr. Trump himself has appointed fossil fuel advocates to head the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.


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