How healing is meant to be simple with “The Emotion Code”

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The Emotion Code is a book by renowned holistic physician and lecturer Dr. Bradley Nelson, in which he skillfully lays bare the inner workings of the subconscious mind. He reveals how emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

Dr. Nelson explains clearly and concisely how trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease. In addition, trapped emotions can exert a dramatic eff ect on how you think and on the choices that you make.

He bases his healing methods on an eclectic union of energy healing, Kirlian photography, applied kinesiology, magnet therapy, and a belief that the unconscious mind records everything one ever experiences and is the key to perfect health and happiness. Like many other healers whose imaginations seem to be their main driving force, Nelson believes there is only one cause and one cure for all illnesses.

Perhaps the most important discovery that Dr. Nelson has made is that trapped emotional energies often gather around your heart, creating a “Heart-Wall” that may block you from giving and receiving love freely.

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties.

Filled with real-world examples from many years of clinical practice, The Emotion Code is a distinct and authoritative new work that is destined to become an instant classic on self-healing.

Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become “trapped” within us. The Emotion Code is thus a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies. So instead of moving beyond your angry moment, or a temporary bout with grief or depression, this negative emotional energy can remain within your body, potentially causing significant physical and emotional stress.

Most people are amazed to find out that their “emotional baggage” is more literal than they had imagined. Trapped emotions actually consist of well-defined energies that have a shape and a form. Although they are not visible, they are very real.

The Emotion code offers you a wide range of experiences and examples that will blow away your mind.

Dr. Nelson claims to have gained his healing knowledge from a “higher power” through some sort of silent prayer. He begins his webinars and healing sessions with 15 seconds of silence to invoke the help of something “upstairs.” He claims his healing crosses many borders. He can heal depression, relationships, and bodies–all with one magical system that can take place in just a few minutes and can be done at a distance.

Here is what you can do with Nelson’s Body Code:

Feel more emotionally connected with others than ever before!

Experience the lightness of releasing your trapped emotional baggage.

Be empowered to communicate with your own subconscious.

Learn the hottest techniques to tap into your own internal computer!

Acquire amazing tools to help your friends and loved ones!

Discover the unseen causes of illness most doctors aren’t aware of.

Internalize and practice healing methods known only to a few.

Discern your real health challenge and know what to do about it now!

Learn to communicate with and heal your animals and pets!

I’m pretty sure that my doctor doesn’t know how to use magnets or his subconscious mind to heal pets or “release trapped emotions.”



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