Hypatia: The stone in egypt that has minerals we have never seen before on earth or in space.

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Back then at high school, our geography teachers taught about comets and asteroids, and how these fallen rocks from space had very similar chemical compositions to our own rocks here on earth.
But this now contradicts the new discovery that researchers have found in a rock in Egypt. Obviously from space, the rock now named Hypatia, was recovered from the southern part of Egypt in 1996.
Contrary to ordinary rocks and meteorites that are made up of mainly silicon and a tiny bit of carbon, Hypatia on the other hand is made up of a huge amount of carbon compounds that have almost all transformed into micro-diamonds. As if that is not enough, it also contains Aluminum which interestingly exists in pure metallic form.
The stone also has a unique mineral called moissante, which is a silicon carbide compound and nickel- phosphorus grains with very little iron. All these are very unique compounds not ordinary to our own rocks or meteorites for that matter.
“What we do know is that Hypatia was formed in a cold environment, probably at temperatures below that of liquid nitrogen on Earth (-196 celcius)”, Professor Jan Kramer’s, the head researcher on the project explained.
” In our solar system, it would have been way further out than the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where meteorites come from”.
The name Hypatia was meanwhile got from the fourth century Great philosopher, mathematician and astronomer from Alexandria. Hypatia of Alexandria, as he was called, was murdered and dismembered by christian monks at the time. He was later made a saint by the catholic church.


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Victor Nunnally

So, what produced the carbon? What pressure caused the diamonds? Why are Christians murdering great minds?