Mars Planet: Scientists discover clean water ice just below planet’s surface

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Have you ever thought of a possibility of humans beings ever living on mars planet? Yes, there is now more hope, after a recent discovery of massive layers of water ice beneath this red planets surface.
This discovery was a result of research on several sites in the Martian mid section.
“This is a new window into ground ice on Mars”, Said Colin Dundas, the U.S Geological Survey geologist who co- discovered the ice layers.
For a long time now, scientists had theorized water on mars planet but had no evidence of its existence or how much area it possibly covered.
However the existance of water ice was proved a few years down the road, with the assistance of the three Martian missions.
The three Martian missions of 2002, 2008 and recent one of 2016, shed more light on the expectations of water on this planet, but never really providing satisfactory evidence of the real extent of coverage of the just discovered ice on the planet
Chronology of the Martian Missions
-2002. NASA Odyssey mission scans the planet from orbit and detects signs of shallow ground ice at high latitudes
-2008. NASA Phoenix mission digs up water ice at a landing site near the Martian north pole.
-2016. Scientists using Mars Reconnaissance orbiter (MRO), find a buried ice sheet at Mar’s mid latitudes and holding as much water as lake superior.
However, the just concluded discovery unlike the preceding ones, now almost supports the nortion that humans can successfully live on this planet. It also goes without saying that apart from this underground ice water existing on the underground rocks in most of the mid sections on the planet, the depth is shallow and just within human reach, between three to six feet underground.
This discovery now aligns with the nortion that snow once fell on this planet millions of years ago. 
This is good news for future Martian missions as this water will not only support their livelihood through consumption, but could also scientifically be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen and be used to make breathable air and methane for rocket fuel.
“It’s looking more encouraging that water ice could be available at depths shallow enough that could be used as resources for human missions to Mars planet”, said Angel Abbud- Madrid, the director of the center for space resources at the Colorado School of Mines.


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