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I try to respond to all of the messages I receive, especially well-crafted emails that get to the point quickly. If it takes me a few minutes to respond, I will. If your message requires a complex or multi-faceted response, you probably won’t hear back from me. 

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I also offer arrange of services all of which are blog related.

1. I do one on one consulting. I consult one-on-one with authors, small businesses, and publishers. If you have questions about the publishing industry, the self-publishing landscape, or digital media, I can cut through the confusion, provide concrete next steps, and offer trusted resources.I conduct consultations primarily using Zoom, which allows you to join my online meeting room from any device or by phone. I record all meetings unless you request otherwise.My one-time consulting fee is $300.

2. Query Letter and synopsis critiques. If you’re preparing queries, synopses, or proposals for an agent or publisher, I can edit and evaluate your pitch and suggest improvements to increase your chances of a response. I can’t guarantee you’ll get representation or a publishing deal, but I can offer you insight into potential challenges or stumbling blocks in your efforts to get published.After the editing work is finished, I’m available to answer your follow-up questions via email at no charge. You’re also welcome to get in touch as questions arise during the submissions process. My goal is to help you feel more confident and less anxious as you submit your work to agents, editors, or publishers—to know that there’s someone you can trust and communicate with whenever you encounter doubt or frustration. This service is more than a transaction: it’s a relationship.All consulting and editing work is performed exclusively by myself; I do not subcontract or use assistants. You will always be communicating directly with me.                                                                                                                 

My credentials: I have 15 years of experience in the book and magazine publishing industry. I’m the former publisher of Fountain Publishers Kenya Limited, and have worked or written for the Monitor Newspaper, Redpepper Newspaper, The Daily Newvision, Writer’s house, Digital Book World, the Alliance of Independent Authors, and Publishing Perspectives. My one-time consulting fee is $400.

3. Author website and blog critiques. Every author’s online presence begins and ends with their website. It’s a critical component for long-term marketing and publicity campaigns.Is your site adhering to best practices for authors? Is it SEO-friendly? Is it optimized for the mobile future? If you’re not sure you can answer these questions, or you’ve never had professional guidance on how to improve your website, I can provide strategic and tactical guidance.To start the evaluation process, I will ask you to complete a worksheet that helps me understand the history of your site, how you manage it, and what you want it to accomplish in the future. My one-time consulting fee is $350.

4. Both fiction and non fiction book critiques. If you have a completed book proposal draft, then the next step is for me to take a look at it. In many cases, authors with little experience with or exposure to book proposals haven’t included all the necessary sections, or they haven’t been sufficiently thorough in addressing important issues such as competing titles, target market, or the marketing plan. Even more problematic, some book concepts haven’t been carefully thought through, and need to be re-conceptualized if they are to succeed in the market. Still other authors, even if they have a decent proposal, don’t have a platform that can support commercial publication.So, I need to evaluate what your situation is, and that requires seeing the proposal. If I think I can help you, then I’ll recommend something.

5. Both fiction and non fiction book concept critiqueBefore you begin writing your proposal, you can send me your concept for review and advice. This can potentially save you time and frustration—so that you don’t develop a book proposal for a concept that’s not likely to be viable or salable. You can choose and pay upfront for this service ($200)

6. Ghost Writing blog, magazine , research articles and dissertations.


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Many people mistakenly think I’m a literary agent or publisher, but I’m not. I cannot publish your work, nor can I personally match you with a publisher. 

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