New dinosaur species discovered by Russian paleontologists in Siberia region

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We have all read and heard stories of dinosaurs and other gigantic creatures in story books, history books and movies, depicting them as mythical creatures that could have once roamed this earth.
But now in real life, Russian paleontologists from Tomsk University last Wednesday, concluded a breakthrough discovery of a sibirotitan ( a giant dinosaur also commonly referred to as a sauropod).
The sauropd weighing 10 tons and measuring 12 meters (40 feet) in length, was unearthed under a huge piece of rock overlooking the Kiya river near Shestakovo village in Kemerovo, Siberia region.
The sauropod with five sacral vertebrae and a special crest on a neural arch, is a trunk vertebra, estimated to have lived 145 million years ago.
“It was previously believed that Titanosaurs first appeared in South America about 145 million years ago on the territory of the ancient Gondwana Supercontinent”, archeologist Pavel Skuchas said, adding that modern science indicates that the Titanosaurs initially appeared in Asia.
The fossilized frame currently on display at Tomsk State University was a result of strenuous work by the scientists to put together bits of skeleton remains of this unique species of a sauropod.
” This is already the second kind of sauropod which has been given a scientific name in Russia and also one of the oldest form of titanosaurs found in Asia. We called it Sibirotitan astrosacial for its size and special bone structure”, read the announcement.


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