Ted Cruz has been reported to Twitter for liking porn

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A spokeswoman for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday that a pornographic video that was “liked” by his account has been removed and reported to Twitter.

“The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter,” tweeted Catherine Frazier‏, Cruz’s senior communications adviser.

 His verified Twitter account has liked a sexually explicit video on Twitter causing the two-minute porn clip to appear in his feed. It’s unclear if Cruz liked the video himself, or if it was the late-night work of an aide that manages his social media presence. Nevertheless, Ted Cruz quickly became a trending topic and the butt of a raging internet joke machine. The last time Cruz reached this level of popularity on Twitter was when the internet wondered aloud if Ted Cruz was the unidentified Zodiac Killer.

The tweet was up for nearly an hour before being taken down around 1:20AM ET, at which point Cruz’s communication director, Catherine Frazier, tweeted the following:

 Twitter users noticed late Monday that Cruz’s account liked a tweet from an account titled “Sexuall Posts” that had a porn video attached. It’s unclear who was responsible for the like or if Cruz’s account was hacked.

The incident, however, drew a host of commentary on Twitter where his account of more than 3 million followers and users expressed their disbelief after he liked the tweet from the account which posts explicit content and porn.

Amongst those amused by what had happened, was Comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who also joined the conversation, appearing to poke fun at the senator’s record of upholding his religious values.

“Well done @ TedCruz using the power of ‘like’ to illustrate the evils of porn,” Kimmel tweeted.

Last year, Cruz defended a ban on the use of sex toys in Texas, according to the Associated Press.

Cruz is not the first politician to come under fire for the actions made on their official Twitter account. Last month, President Donald Trump retweeted one of his critics who called him a “fascist.” He deleted that retweet after five minutes.


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