Types of employment: Why people prefer 9-5 jobs to contractual jobs.

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Jobs vs careers

There are many types of employment that people are always looking for. But salary versus contractual job is always the big issue in people’s minds. So the question is, which one would you choose? Yes this is a question that revolves in the minds of so many young people upon their graduation from college. It’s often regarded as an area that requires a lot of calculation, before a proper decision can be made.  So many find it a lot complex and in the end, find themselves caught up between a rock and a very hard place. However in the end, many end up opting for the more traditional salary jobs. But why is this so? Dave, a human resource expert in a reputable recruitment firm offered some explanations on why many people prefer these types of employment..

1. They’re scared of “risk”*.They’re so used to the guaranteed payout, that they’re willing to take less than what is possible in exchange for: ease of mind, comfort, relative perceived stability, and lack of ambition to make more money. Whether or not the ambition to make money, it died as a result of their resigned attitude towards life due to the lack of invigoration/laziness, we’ll never know. It’s like the chicken or the egg; who knows what comes first and who cares.

2. They have bills to payRecurring, non-stop, expensive (relative to their lifestyle) bills coming in the front door every month,  that they literally are bound by the feeding tube coming from a fixed corporate salary. Bills like: expensive/over-priced mortgage, expensive/over-priced tuition for their children, expensive/over-priced car, unnecessary vacations, see a pattern here? Most people live a life with abandon, little planning, hardly any financial planning. They will simply opt for the best types of employment that will give them guaranteed payouts.

3. Many contractors who were convinced to come back to work for 9–5 jobs,refused to, because they believed their contracting business was a much better way to do their job. But for people used to the 9–5 construct of working style, they couldn’t imagine leaving it for contracting! It was a very interesting phenomenon of 2 staunch camps, each believing their own version of doing the job was better. This proves that: habits matter and the longer you do something, the more likely you are to keep on believing in what you’re doing is the “right” way.

4. There is no road map if you’re not a 9–5 personAt the chief executive level, those candidates have the connections/potential to create entire consulting businesses or any other types of employment, but again, that’s something where there’s totally no guarantee. In a 9–5, you’re guaranteed a payout whether or not the business succeeds. Look at the banking fiasco. Although their business failed, the executives still got paid. In the real world of entrepreneurship, you don’t have poor suckers who bought your stock just to see everything go down the tube, while you still make money. You’re a private owner of a business, no bailouts there!

5. To be brutally honest, some folks just don’t care about making a difference in the world.  For whatever reason, they are perfectly content to go about their day doing whatever floats their boat and trying their best to enjoy themselves.  They get fulfillment from their own happiness, or at least try to, and they don’t feel it necessary to have any sort of lasting impact on society or future generations.

6. Some people view a 9-5 as a way to support life outside of work. A steady 9-5 is a predictable, non-intrusive way to fund a comfortable life. If they’re making a decent wage, they can live well and even buy a boat or build a cabin in the mountains so they have something fun and relaxing to do whenever they want. And 9-5 types of employment usually provide a decent amount of paid vacation so they can go to Disney in the summers or travel to see family during the holidays.

7. I don’t think that anyone would have any objection of becoming rich. No one is likely to deny a higher salary or a promotion in his job. The problem is that there is nothing free in this world. You have to pay a price for everything you wish to achieve in your life. The higher is your goal, the greater is the price. If you wish is to become rich, you have to work long hours, sacrifice your family life and even spoil your health in the process. So the real answer is most people don’t want to pay so heavily for success.

8. It is also a fact that the most successful people are also the most alone people. They hardly have friends and relatives as they often sacrifice all these in their quest of becoming rich and powerful. Most people don’t want to sacrifice love and affection of people for the sake of wealth and power.

9. Freedom is hard and mentally expensiveand not everybody can handle it. Making choices, dealing with unknown, being responsible in conditions of uncertainty, not having any separation of work and free time… for many people it’s just not worth trying to get rich (which is far from being granted), and therefore they are not going to spend much time on career research.

10. Some people are of a philosophical bent of mind, maybe even spiritual, and realize that no matter what an individual tries to achieve here on Earth, on a cosmic scale it means literally nothing. There is no permanence attached to anything. So why even bother. A lot of such people may indulge in day-to-day religious rituals, or philosophical thinking, or travelling.

11. Tried and gave up: On certain commonly accepted parameters of social upwardly-mobile behavior, a lot of people do try during the school and college days. But if things do not materially work out, many just resign and give up all chase on any new career. They choose a lower normal (a very subjective term) for themselves, and are either very sad doing so, or as mentioned in point 1 above


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